Zamolxis Database Editor

The Database Editor module of Zamolxis is ready for packing, some of the most important features:

1. Eclipse based

  • available on all OS platforms supported by Eclipse
  • based on open standards (EMF, GMF, XMI)

2. Data Definition file editor for fast database model definition

  • full support for Progress OpenEdge DDL syntax
  • syntax highlight and code completion

3. Database Diagram editor for graphical database model definition

  • full support for all Progress OpenEdge database elements and properties
  • support for table relations (foreign key)
  • import from data definition file, option to infer table relations
  • export to data definition file

4. Database Model/Diagram compare

  • power-full compare and merge functionality for both database diagrams and database models (definition files)
  • graphical and intuitive view for model differences

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