ABL Report Engine

The “bridge” component that allows loading a Java Report Engine directly from Progress ABL.

ABL Report EngineWhat can you get from it?
It can be embedded in a Progress based application to provide powerful graphical reporting solution. You can take advantages of any of the powerful Java reporting engines in a pure Progress ABL environment.

What the advantages are?

  • You get the “business look” that you always wanted for all your reports in the Progress ABL environment.
  • Complete separation of business logic and presentation layers, not mixing report formatting withing your report data producing routines.
  • Graphical “what you see it’s what you get” report designer at a glance.

What you can do with it?

  • Directly print or even preview reports from Progress ABL (for preview a graphical environment is required).
  • Export reports using a great number of document formats: PDF, Word, Excel (the complete list of supported export document formats depends on reporting engine used).
  • Print and export supports page range selection.
  • Access data from any database accessible through JDBC (including ABL business logic driver).
  • Can work with XML data passed directly from Progress client (either in-memory or file-based) – a Progress temp-table can be used as a data source.
  • Supports passing report parameters.

What Java reporting engines are supported?
For now we support the following Java reporting engines:

If you use other reporting engines and might be interested to have them supported please contact us.


An evaluation version of ABL Bridge for Java Reporting Engine can be downloaded here. The Jasper Reports engine is packed in it for convenience, however the Jasper Report designer (iReport) is not bundled and one recent version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required. To test if it’s working or not after install just start a Progress client, add the installation folder in the PROPATH and try to run the dynamic report sample (dynTable.w) that can be found in samples/abl folder.


The documentation can be found online here; also available for download it in printable format (PDF) or as compiled help. Having problems getting the product installed, including having the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or the Java Reporting Engine installed and setup, contact us. We provide email support and even remote assistance if needed for the initial environment setup process free of charge for each registered version. Need help with report design or migrating existing reports, we can provide training and consulting services either on-site or remote, contact us.


The product can be purchased online through the share*it E-Commerce platform by selecting one of the two licensing models available, place orders here. Once the order is completed a license key file will be sent by email along with the product download link. For each purchase we offer a full year free upgrades along with email based support for a period of 3 (three) months for user version and 6 (six) months for server version.

Maintenance is available for 20% of the purchase cost per year and includes full email based support and free product upgrades. Although the new feature requests coming from customers under maintenance have precedence, we reserve the right to decide if a feature is to be implemented or not and there is no guarantee made on having them implemented nor when it will be implemented. However, even for specific feature requests we can arrange to have them included for a fee.

For volume licensing or OEM/ISV/VAR licensing, please contact us.

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